Some options available to replace missing teeth include removable dentures and dental bridges. Dental implants are alternative fixed, non-removable options.

Before you make an appointment with your local dentist in Geelong for dental implants, here are facts that you need to know about this  treatment.

Longevity and strength

Dental implants are made of a inert, biocompatible titanium base that osseointegrates with the jawbone. This means that the implant heals with the bone, and potentially slows down the loss or resorption of jawbone which occur overtime when a tooth is lost.

If you look after the dental implant by flossing and cleaning, along with regular check-ups with your dentist in Geelong, they can last.

Process of dental implant placement

At Geelong West Dental, your dental implant journey will begin with implant consultation with our experienced dentist, who will discuss treatment options that suit your dental needs. We will perform digital scans and 3-D X-rays of your teeth and jaw as part of our treatment planning for dental implant placements. Many patients are able to have dental implants in Geelong but dental factors and medical conditions including the use of tobacco products and chronic underlying health conditions may need to be considered.

During the procedure, our highly experienced dentist will place the dental implants with high precision in a sterile implant surgical setup, ensuring optimal results. In addition, there are sleep dentistry options available for patients with dental anxiety.

After the placement of dental implants, a crucial phase of bone healing or osseointegration occurs, creating a strong connection between the implants and your jawbone, typically for a period of three to four months. Please note that bone healing for patients with compromised medical conditions may take longer.

After osseointegration, our experienced dentists will fabricate a custom-made implant crown to closely match your natural teeth and attach the implant crown to the dental implant.

No more Dental Decay

A durable ceramic material is used to make the prosthetic tooth, that is fixed by the connector to the titanium rod. Titanium is a metal that does not corrode or decay, and as the tooth is ceramic, there will not be dental decay with your new implant. However, you should still maintain your teeth cleaning routine. It is important to ensure you keep flossing and brushing your teeth as directed by your dentist and keep up with dental check-ups.

A close alternative to your missing natural tooth

A dental bridge requires adjacent teeth to be altered. A dental implant crown can be close alternative to your missing natural tooth. 

The contents of this post do not substitute professional dental advice. All dental procedures carry certain risks and need to be discussed with our experienced dentists. To learn more about dental implants recovery process and risk assessments, visit

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