There are some dental problems that we are likely to have experienced at some point or another. When this happens, we recommend visiting your dentist in Geelong and seek professional advice on suitable treatment options.

However, the good news is that some of these common dental problems may also be reduced with vigilance and good oral care. During your next dental check-up at your local Geelong dental clinic, make sure to ask your dentist for tips on how to reduce dental problems. For now, here are a few common dental problems and ways to prevent them.

Tooth decay

Also known as cavities, tooth decay occurs when the hard enamel of your tooth erodes. This happens when plaque, the sticky substance that forms on your teeth, combines with sugar in your food and drink to attack the surface of your teeth. Tooth decay will progressively destroy the structure of your teeth if left untreated.

A way to reduce risk of tooth decay is to brush and floss your teeth twice daily as this can help keep plaque from building up. Besides that, you can minimise the amount and frequency of sweet and sugary foods that you have each day.

Bad breath

It is quite normal to have bad breath when you first wake up in the morning, but this should go away after you have brushed your teeth and had something to drink. If you have persistent bad breath, you may have a condition called halitosis. The cause of halitosis is multifactorial but can be caused by poor dental hygiene, like having food trapped between your teeth or having decaying teeth.

Therefore, you may improve bad breath by taking care of your dental hygiene. Clean your teeth at least twice daily or after every meal if possible, including your tongue. Do not forget to floss and drink plenty of water, too.

Gum disease

Gum disease occurs when the tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth – your gums – become inflamed. Symptoms of gum disease include redness, bleeding, bad breath, and having spongy gums. There are two main types of gum disease: gingivitis, which is a mild form of the disease, and periodontitis, which is an advanced form of gum disease that may lead to tooth loss.

To reduce risk of gum disease, brushing your teeth twice daily will be recommended. Do not forget to brush your gums gently too. Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. Scheduling check ups with your dentist may also help with early detection of gum disease.

The contents in this post do not substitute for professional dental advice. Consultation is required with our dentists for further dental assessments.

If you are facing any of the dental problems above, it is always best to seek advice and recommendations from a general dentistry expert in Geelong. At Geelong West Dental, our friendly team is committed to offer personalised dental care for a wide range of dental treatments. Contact us to make an enquiry today.

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