Personalise Your Smile With Cosmetic Dental Design

At Geelong West Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments to address dental concerns ranging from crowded teeth, gappy teeth, to missing and discoloured teeth. Besides potentially improving the appearance of your smile, cosmetic dental procedures may also help you achieve better overall oral health by restoring the function of your teeth.

With state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, our dental professionals are committed to guide you in meeting your cosmetic dental needs.

What Is The Process?

Step 1

Our experienced dentists will conduct an initial complimentary consultation to understand your dental concerns. They will then examine your dentition to determine your oral health condition, including the health of present teeth, gums, jaw muscles and more.

Step 2

Post-consultation, we may collect more information such as dental radiographs. We will also take photos and digital scans of your teeth for your treatment planning. Then, we work with our ceramist using the latest technology to create cosmetic smile designs tailored for you. These designs may be digitally mapped onto your face to simulate the smile we plan to achieve.

Step 3

Once the cosmetic smile design is completed, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for you to review and discuss any modifications you may wish. We will also discuss the timeframe to complete this case, as well as the estimated number of appointments required. If you approve, we will print a 3D model of the design and schedule your appointments for your treatment.

    Step 4

    We will then organise further dental appointments to initiate the journey of your cosmetic dental design. The timeframe of the cosmetic dental appointments depends on the complexity of your case, which will be communicated to you during the treatment planning stage.

    Step 5

    Once the final sets of veneers or crowns of your cosmetic smile designs are fabricated, we will remove your temporary cosmetic dental treatment and proceed to permanently fit your final sets in.

    Our dental professionals will then organise a review appointment as needed.


    Here Are Some FAQs About Smile Cosmetic Dentistry

    What is cosmetic dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry services focus on personalising the appearance of your smile through various dental procedures, including teeth whitening, veneers and crowns, dental implants, and more.

    Is smile cosmetic dentistry suitable for everyone?

    Cosmetic dentistry is generally suitable for individuals who have good oral health. During your consultation, we will assess your specific needs and determine the best course of action.

    What are the benefits of cosmetic smile design?

    Cosmetic dental treatments may offer a range of benefits such as:

    • A personalised, natural-looking smile.
    • Replacing lost or missing teeth.
    • Improving ability to chew food by restoring missing teeth.
    • Better oral health.
    • Providing a long-term solution for missing teeth with proper care and maintenance.

      How long does a cosmetic dental procedure take?

      The duration of a cosmetic dental procedure varies depending on the specific treatment. We will provide you with a detailed timeline during your cosmetic dentist consultation, considering factors such as preparation, procedure time, and recovery.

      What can I expect during a cosmetic dental procedure?

      Before the procedure, our team will conduct a thorough examination and discuss the treatment plan with you. During the procedure, you can expect a welcoming and carefully guided process. Afterwards, we will provide you with detailed post-operative care instructions for recovery.

      Are cosmetic dental treatments permanent?

      While cosmetic dental treatments can have long-lasting effects, some may require maintenance or replacement over time. Our dentists will provide you with guidance on proper care and maintenance to increase the longevity of your new smile.

      Photography and permission to post given by patients. Photos are an indication of results which may vary between individuals. Consultation is required for further assessment.

      Case 1: Cosmetic smile design utilising upper porcelain crowns and bridges to replace missing upper teeth (patient was wearing upper partial denture initially), improve shape, colour and appearance, and protection of the upper teeth. Photos were taken at baseline and one week after bonding.

      Case 2: This patient had porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges to protect his upper teeth from grinding and to replace the failing root-canal treated, discoloured teeth. Photos were taken at baseline and one week after bonding.

      Case 3: This patient has been considering options for her teeth for quite some time before coming to see us. Her main concerns are failing old upper porcelain crowns, worn teeth, and leaky restorations.After a thorough treatment planning utilising digital smile design, we decided on upper porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges to alter shape, size and colour of existing upper front teeth, thereby restoring function and aesthetics.Photos were taken at baseline and one week after bonding.

      Case 4: This patient came to see us looking for options to replace his loose teeth due to advanced gum disease. We also discussed options to replace his missing teeth.We bonded an upper fixed porcelain crown and bridge and replaced his lower front teeth with an interim removable prosthesis in preparation for future implants, thereby restoring aesthetics and chewing function.
      Photos were taken at baseline and immediately after insertion of upper bridge.

      Case 5: This case is challenging due to thin gingival(gum) biotype and congenitally missing teeth. Using digital smile design, we fabricated upper porcelain crowns and bridges to alter shape, size and colour of existing upper front teeth. We also managed to broaden the smile at the end. Photos were taken at baseline and one week after bonding.


      Case 6: This patient came for a consult to replace his missing front tooth. He has been wearing a removable plate for 5 years. We replaced the missing tooth with a bonded porcelain crown and bridge, thereby restoring the function and aesthetics.
      Photos were taken at baseline and immediately after bonding, hence the lips were lower due to anaesthesia.


      Case 7: Porcelain crowns and bridges to alter shape, size and colour of existing upper four front teeth. One of the upper teeth was replaced as well due to failing root canal treatment and leaky crown.
      Photos were taken at baseline and one week after bonding.


      Case 8: Ange had upper crowns, bridges and implants to replace missing posterior (back) teeth, alter shape and colour of the front teeth, and protect her teeth from bruxism(grinding). Photos were taken at baseline and one week after insertion.

      Case 9: Porcelain crown and bridge were done to replace failing teeth resulted from advanced periodontitis (gum disease). Photos were taken at baseline and one week after bonding.

      Why Choose Geelong West Dental?

      Patient-Centred Care

      Our highly-skilled dentists work closely with you to understand your dental concerns and goals. You will be provided with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, discuss your options, and see the envisioned results before we start the treatment.

      Customised Cosmetic Dental Design

      We design bespoke veneers and crowns, dental implants, and more that harmonise with your facial features. Each cosmetic dental treatment is meticulously crafted to complement your individuality.


      Long-Term Results

      The products used in our cosmetic dentistry service in Geelong are made from durable materials that are resistant to staining and wear with proper maintenance.

      Welcoming Environment

      We are committed to delivering personalised dental care in a welcoming environment with a team of friendly and professional cosmetic dentists.

      Accessible Payment Options

      At Geelong West Dental, we do our best to ensure that our cosmetic dentistry services are as accessible as possible. We offer several payment options for your convenience, such as interest-free payment plans.

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