Happy gas is delivered through a small mask that fits over your nose  during your dental treatment. It is not intended to put you to sleep.

With happy gas:

  • You will be able to hear and respond to the dentist while experiencing the effects of happy gas, which is a way to help reduce dental anxiety and discomfort
  • The effects of happy gas wear off as soon as the mask is removed
  • It it also suitable for children

During happy gas

Breathe through your nose normally under the mask. Within a few minutes, you should start feeling the effects. You may still be aware of your surroundings, but may feel sedated and have tingling sensation in your hands and feet. You may be a little forgetful, and may not remember some or most of the dental procedure afterwards.

While giving happy gas, our experienced team will carefully monitor your level of sedation to ensure that you can still follow verbal instructions. The dental treatment will then be carried out under local anaesthesia. These can be given while you are sedated.

Recovery process

The effects of happy gas wear off very quickly as soon as the mask is removed. Our experienced team will look after you while you are recovering from the effects of the sedation. 

Risk and side effects

In some cases, your oxygen levels may drop. If this happens, you will be given oxygen through an oxygen mask. Our team will monitor your breathing closely throughout the procedure.

Some patients may feel slightly sick or nauseated. Some water or clear liquids including diluted fruit juice may be given for hydration.

Other  potential side effects may include blurry vision, headache or fatigue which will recover over time.

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