Sleep dentistry, also known as deep sedation, is an alternative option for patients who have fear of dental treatments. This method may be suited for adults who have anxiety and discomfort when they are at the dental clinic. If sleep dentistry is suitable for you at Geelong West Dental, we can perform dental treatments while you are asleep.

This deep sedation is done by a highly-trained team consisting of our local experienced dentists, and the anaesthetic team who will administer the sedation.

Dental Treatment for Patients with Dental Fear

At Geelong West Dental, we focus on providing patient-centred care. Sleep dentistry may be used for a range of dental treatments, including general dentistry, dental implants, digital smile design, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth removal, gum treatment, fillings and more. 

Sleep dentistry consists of a deep sedation during which patients enter a state of deep sleep where they feel no anxiety or fear. In general, they have no memory about the dental procedure.

Our medically qualified anaesthetic team will be able to take you through the entire process, answer your questions and concerns.

Why Sleep Dentistry:

  • Sleep  through your dental appointment without recollection of the sights, sounds or smells from the dental treatment.
  • An alternative option for patients with fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist
  • Possibility to perform multiple dental procedures in one session, therefore reducing the number of dental appointments
  • May be suitable for patients who fear needles, have severe gag reflex, or sensitive teeth that are difficult to numb up from injections.


    Recovery process

    After waking up from sleep dentistry, our sleep dentistry team closely manage your recovery and prioritise your comfort. Depending on your recovery rate, you may be required to stay in the dental chair to ensure your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure return to their normal levels before leaving. A family member, friend or caregiver must be present to drive you home after the procedure. Following your sleep dentistry appointment, our team will follow up to ensure that your recovery is going well.

    You are encouraged to take the day off work when your dental treatment under sleep dentistry and avoid intense physical activity for the first few days.

    You may also experience some tenderness and discomfort, depending on the types of dental treatment performed during the sleep dentistry session.

    Risks and side effects

    Some of the risks and side effects of sleep dentistry include drowsiness, headaches, nausea and dry mouth. These may take time to fully wear off.

    Our anaesthetic team regularly monitors your blood pressure and ensures you are receiving adequate amount of oxygen. Sedation levels may be adjusted depending on the types of dental procedures performed.

    At Geelong West Dental, we always strive to minimise any risks. Before any session, the anaesthetic team checks and identifies:

    • Any relevant medical history, including pre-existing medical conditions, for instance diabetes, heart problems, or sleep apnoea
    • Any relevant surgical history, for instance heart surgery
    • Any allergies to food or medications
    • Any medications you may be taking, including cigarettes and alcohol consumption

    During the procedure, our highly trained anaesthetic team will ensure:

    • Continuous supply of oxygen
    • Airway protection from foreign material
    • You remain immobile throughout the dental procedure

Sleep Dentistry at Geelong West Dental

We see patients from all walks of life, with or without dental fear. Our dental practice is designed for your comfort, and our philosophy is to provide high standard of dental care for all our patients.

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