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    What is a Root Canal?

    The root canal is a space inside the tooth that contains nerve tissues, blood vessels, and other cells, collectively referred to as the pulp. 

    When our dentists perform a root canal treatment (also known as endodontic therapy), they are treating this part of the tooth that has become irreversibly inflamed or infected. This procedure is done by cleaning the root canal of the tooth to disinfect the area and maintain the external part of the tooth.

    Why and When Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

    You will need a root canal treatment in Geelong when the pulp in your tooth is injured or infected. Untreated cavities, cracked teeth, or external trauma to the face are some of the common factors behind damaged pulp. 

    Here are some signs that you may need root canal treatment:

    • Swelling around a particular tooth
    • Severe toothache when you chew
    • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold
    • Discoloured teeth

    Apart from pain relief, root canal treatment may  prevent the loss or removal of a painful or infected tooth. By saving the tooth, the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth is preserved as well, and potential risks including drifting of adjacent teeth due to a missing tooth can be reduced.

    What Can You Expect During A Root Canal Treatment at Geelong West Dental?

    Before we begin any procedures, our dentists will first assess the cause of your toothache or infection. You may need to do an X-ray scan so your dentist can observe the shape of your root canals and check the bone structure around the roots and determine whether or not the tooth is infected.

    Generally, there are three stages in root canal treatment:

    • Your dentist will clean the root canal system to remove inflammation or infection.
    • The root canals will then be filled with root canal fillings to provide a seal.
    • Finally, a crown may be indicated for protection.

    What’s the Recovery Process Like?

    Following the procedure, some discomfort is normal and can be reduced with pain medication. Avoid eating on the treated tooth and avoid hard or chewy foods. However, if pain persists or swelling occurs, please reach out to our experienced dentists.

    It is normal to feel post-operative discomfort for up to four days after the root canal treatment. 

    Possible risks and complications

    Missed root canals

    Sometimes a root canal may be missed if the tooth has more canals than usual. This means that bacteria may remain in the infected canal and may reinfect the tooth, causing pain. Please speak to our team if your pain persists after root canal treatment is completed.

    Fractured root canal-treated teeth

    Root canal-treated teeth are usually more brittle and at higher risk of fracture. These may be detected before or during treatment. Sometimes they may be difficult to detect, or can happen due to factors such as grinding habit, or lack of protection on the tooth structure.

    Fractured instruments

    Small files are usually used to clean and shape the root canals. These can occasionally break inside the canal. This may happen when canals are very curved or calcified.


    Occasionally, the instruments used to prepare the root canals may iatrogenically perforate other parts of the root. The management depends on the size and location of the perforation. It is possible to repair perforation.

    At Geelong West Dental, we fully understand the concerns that patients may have with root canal treatments. Speak to our friendly team and learn more about root canal treatment at Geelong West Dental.

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