Good oral health involves practising good oral hygiene – brushing and flossing twice daily and scheduling check-ups with a dentist. While these are important, your other daily activities can also affect your oral health.
Some lifestyle choices may have negative impacts on your oral health. Read on to learn more.

Unhealthy diet

Food consumption can impact your oral health. A diet rich in sugar and acid can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and release acid by-products, which can damage the enamel on your teeth. Limiting your consumption of sugary, starchy foods and drinks, such as sweets, soda, and pastries, is essential to prevent tooth decay.

In contrast, a diet rich in calcium can promote healthy teeth. Foods such as dairy products are excellent sources of these essential nutrients.

Smoking, vaping and tobacco usage

Smoking, vaping and tobacco usage can have negative impacts on oral as well as general health. These substances stain teeth, causes bad breath, and may increase the risk of periodontal disease and oral cancer.

Quitting smoking and the usage of tobacco products can  improve your health and reduce your risk of oral and other health problems. Many patients notice improvements in the colour of their teeth and the condition of their gums within a few weeks of quitting.

If you have quitted smoking and using tobacco, but are still struggling with yellow and stained teeth, consult us for teeth whitening in Geelong by an experienced dentist. More information on the procedure, recovery process and risk assessments can be found on

Extreme stress levels

High levels of stress can have detrimental effects on oral health. Stress can also cause jaw clenching and teeth grinding, which can lead to jaw pain and teeth damage.

Other negative daily habits

A few other daily habits can also cause oral health problems. These include nail biting and chewing on ice cubes.

Nail biting is a common habit that can cause harm to your teeth. It may cause teeth chipping, and in some cases of advanced gum disease, move teeth.

The crushing action created when snacking on ice cubes mimics teeth clenching and grinding. This can create cracks on your teeth, leading to increased thermal sensitivity, cause fractures of tooth structure and existing restorations on the teeth.

Get expert advice from an experienced dentist

The contents of this post do not substitute professional dental advice.

Maintaining oral health requires a balance between regular good oral hygiene habits and healthy lifestyle choices.

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