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  • Communication with patient-centred approach
  • Individualised treatment pathway
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All Teeth On 4 Dental Implants

A Dental Arch Built on Four Implants

This modern technique may be suitable if you

  • Are missing or about to lose all or most of your teeth
  • Have multiple broken and decayed teeth
  • Have loose teeth and late stages of gum disease
  • Are experiencing challenges with wearing removable dentures, using denture glues and wish to seek an alternative option

All Teeth On 4 and Conventional Implant Placement Technique

  • All Teeth On 4 implants utilise 4 implants, providing an alternative to the conventional placement of 5 to 8 implants in a single arch.
  • This is made possible by controlling the precision and parallelism of the front implants and angulation of the back implants.

All Teeth On 4 at Geelong West Dental

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Every patient has different concerns and dental experience.

Whether it is dental fear, a financial concern or something else, at Geelong West Dental, we have encountered most of them and can help provide suitable solutions that meet your needs.

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