White Composite Filling

  • Replaces missing tooth structure due to decay or lost filling
  • An alternative to amalgam (silver fillings)

White composite filling recovery and aftercare instructions


If local anaesthesia has been used for your white composite filling procedure, your lips, gums and tongue may be numb for a few hours after the appointment. Avoid any hot food and beverages until the numbness has completely worn off to reduce risk of biting or burning your oral mucosa when you are still numb.

We recommend soft foods and liquids on the day of your composite filling. You may start eating using your filled teeth after the local anaesthesia completely wears off as they will be fully set.

Oral Hygiene

We recommend that you brush your teeth and floss gently on the day of your composite filling.

Possible risks and complications

Sensitivity and Pain

It is normal to experience thermal sensitivity after your white composite filling appointment. The injection site may also be tender.

If the sensitivity persists after a week or there is increased pain to thermal stimuli, please call our dental clinic.

Chipping, debonding or fracture of fillings

Sometimes, the white composite fillings may chip, debond or fracture. This depends on various factors, including size of filling, amount of tooth structure left and habits such as grinding. Our experienced dentists will assess and determine if an alternative option is available, including indirect restorations such as porcelain crowns to protect the tooth structure.

Porcelain Crown

  • May be recommended for an extensively broken or heavily filled tooth
  • A crown may cover the entire visible part of your natural tooth
  • Restores an extensively damaged tooth to its size, shape and colour
  • May protect the underlying tooth from chewing forces and grinding forces especially if you grind in your sleep
  • May be used in some cases of gaps between teeth or discolouration


Porcelain Bridge

  • An alternative approach to replace one or more missing teeth
  • Crowns holding a replacement tooth(pontic) are cemented onto your teeth to replace the missing tooth, therefore “bridging” the gap
  • Utilises neighbouring teeth for support

For more information on the steps involved in digital smile design, recovery process and risk assessments, please visit  https://www.geelongwestdental.com.au/digital-smile-design/

If you are missing one or more teeth, a close alternative to a natural tooth is a dental implant. You can find out more about dental implants here.

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