What Are All Teeth On 4 Dental Implants?

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At Geelong West Dental, we provide an alternative to braces; custom-made, almost undetectable dental aligners, designed to straighten teeth progressively, using 3D technology. These invisible braces known as Invisalign® or clear aligners, are a common orthodontic treatment used to straighten a patient’s teeth.

Why Dental Aligners?

Dental aligners involve wearing custom-made plastic aligners over your teeth to help move your teeth gradually into straighter, more ideal positions. They offer a virtually invisible way to align your teeth and is an alternative to fixed braces. Things to expect when getting Invisalign ® treatment at Geelong West Dental include:

  • Clear aligners that are almost undetectable – An alternative for patients who prefer invisible braces.
  • Removable – You can remove your clear aligners while you eat, floss or brush, allowing you to continue your normal daily routine.
  • Duration of treatment – The length of the treatment depends on your current situation. If more correction is required, the process will be longer. The treatment can range between six months to two years or more.
  • Better hygiene – While you undertake an orthodontic treatment such as teeth straightening, keeping your teeth and gums healthy is a priority. By using Invisalign® as prescribed by your Geelong West Dental dentist, patients can remove the aligners every night to floss and brush their teeth. The dental aligners can also be cleaned thoroughly as well.

    Why Should You Correct Crooked or Misaligned Teeth?

    • Crooked teeth impair the ability to clean your teeth and are more prone to teeth and gum problems.
    • Having straight teeth improves your ability to clean your teeth.
    • Leads to better health of both teeth and gums.
    • Protects your teeth from wear and tear generated from misalignment of teeth.

      What Is The Treatment Process?

      Your experienced dentist at Geelong West Dental will assess your oral health and condition before advising the treatment duration of invisible braces. Once assessed, your dentist will take digital scans of your teeth, and provide a simulation of the orthodontic movement of your teeth during treatment and the predicted final position of your teeth after treatment using Clincheck, a 3D Invisalign technology.

      After your consultation, you will receive a box of custom-made, clear aligners from your dentist at Geelong West Dental. Each dental aligner is to be used for a period of one to three weeks, and after this period of time, as advised by your dentist, you will replace the old aligner with the next one. Throughout this whole treatment process, you may need to visit your dentist every eight to 10 weeks, to evaluate your progress.

      Please follow directions for use. It is important to wear your Invisalign ® braces for at least 20 to 22 hours each day, only removing them when you brush your teeth, eat or floss.

      For orthodontic treatment aftercare, recovery and risk assessments, please visit https://www.geelongwestdental.com.au/orthodontics/

      Invisalign® Clear Aligners Gallery

      Photography and permission to post given by patients. Photos are indication of results which may vary between individuals. Consultation is required for further assessment. The contents of this post do not substitute professional dental advice. All dental procedures carry certain risks and need to be discussed with the dentist before undertaking any treatments:

      Case 1lnvisalign® clear aligners to align teeth, level the arch and address crowding.

      Photos were taken at baseline and two weeks after removal of attachments.

      Case 2: lnvisalign® clear aligners to align teeth and address anterior(front) crossbite, followed by whitening and minor composite bonding to close black triangle between the teeth.Photos were taken at baseline and 8 hours after removal of lnvisalign® attachments.

      Case 3lnvisalign® clear aligners to align teeth and address anterior(front) crossbite, and overall crowding.

      Photos were taken at baseline and 8 hours after removal of lnvisalign® attachments.

      Case 4: This patient had lnvisalign® clear aligners to align his teeth and improve deep bite.

      Photos were taken at baseline and one week after removal of lnvisalign® attachments.

      Why Choose the Experienced Dentists at Geelong West Dental?

      At Geelong West Dental, our team of friendly local dentists strive for high standard of dental care. We learn about your dental needs and tailor each dental treatment accordingly.

       We offer a complimentary orthodontic consult to discuss your orthodontic needs. (https://www.geelongwestdental.com.au/terms-and-conditions/) 

      • Your comfort is our top priority
      • State-of-the-art dental technology
      • Highly experienced dentists
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      • Variety of payment options available

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