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Have you ever thought about whitening your teeth? If you have stained or yellow teeth, teeth whitening in Geelong may be an option for you.

In this article, we will cover the various things you need to know about having your teeth whitened professionally.

What causes tooth discolouration? 

There are a number of different causes behind tooth discolouration. Sometimes, our teeth get yellow or discoloured as we grow older, through the natural course of aging. However, certain factors in our lifestyle can cause our teeth to become yellow more quickly.

For example, smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products can turn your teeth yellow over an extended period of time. Drinking drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, or sugary drinks on a daily basis contribute towards yellowing teeth, too.

Other reasons for discoloured teeth include a build-up of plaque and tartar, or some sort of trauma such as an accident or injury involving your teeth.

Who is suitable for teeth whitening? 

Patients with permanent dentition and a good oral health may be suitable to undergo teeth whitening treatment. However, if you have gum-related issues such as bleeding gums or a receding gum line, you may require some dental treatment prior to teeth whitening.

Furthermore, you may not be suitable for teeth whitening if you have had a lot of fillings, caps, or crowns done to your front teeth; these dental materials are not meant to be whitened like your natural teeth are. There are other solutions available for patients in this category. Your dentist in Geelong will be able to provide an alternative solution for you to alter the discolouration.

How is professional teeth whitening done? 

Professional teeth whitening starts off with an examination by a dentist to see whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Your dentist will then discuss  the most suitable course of treatment for you. Usually, the dentist will recommend that your teeth be thoroughly cleaned and dental issues be managed before treatment can commence.

Teeth whitening treatment can be done in two ways: in-house whitening or whitening at home.

In-House Whitening

In-house whitening involves placing bleaching gel on your teeth and then using a Zoom whitening light. Protective barriers are placed on your inner cheeks and gums to protect them from the gel.

  • 1-1.5 hours per appointment
  • Almost immediate results
  • Up to 8 shades whiter (individual results may vary)
  • May be suitable for first-time whitening treatment

Whitening at Home

Whitening at home consists of custom-made whitening trays and gels that you can apply at home. It is usually recommended for the maintenance of in-house whitening.

  • Generally done for 30 to 45 minutes
  • May be helpful for maintenance of whitening results
  • May give optimal results when used together with in-house whitening

Why you should always go to a professional

All medical and dental procedures have benefits, risks and possible side effects. Always consult an experienced dentist for the risk and possible side effects on any recommended procedure. For more information, visit https://www.geelongwestdental.com.au/digital-smile-design/teeth-whitening/

It is recommended that you have teeth whitening by a qualified dental professional. Dentists work with higher concentration of bleaching gels intended for professional use only. Going to a professional will ensure that your teeth whitening treatment is carried out with experience. Your dentist in Geelong also has the training and expertise at looking after the teeth, gums and oral tissues while carrying out the whitening procedure.

Our friendly team at Geelong West Dental has the experience and skills to help you with teeth whitening. Get in touch with us to find out more about your teeth whitening options today.

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